img770  1943 court fee revenue stamp of the Indian state of Jaipur with a miniature by an unknown artist
(unique item from the collection of the author)

I have been a stamp collector almost all my life, and this wonderful hobby not only gave me relaxation, but most importantly allowed me to broaden my intellect, and learn many things about the world’s history, arts, culture, nature and geography.

         I firmly believe that a true philatelist can not be satisfied by merely acquiring stamps and storing them in his or her albums. One of the most enjoyable aspects of stamp collecting is the process of sharing knowledge, ideas and news with fellow philatelists using print media and internet. Another great facet of philately is the course of creating an exhibit with a purpose to display it at a stamp show, so others may see and appreciate it.

        Throughout many years of stamp collecting I successfully participated in various local, national and international philatelic shows, and this part of my website presents two of my multi-frame topical exhibits, one single-frame topical exhibit, and one multi-frame display exhibit which were created and exhibited most recently. 

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Big Cats and Humans


The Lion – Most Symbolic Animal of All

(Thematic Version)

Animal Toponims on United States Postmarks


 United States Post Offices with Animal Names


The Lynx


  The Lion – Most Symbolic Animal of All

(Display or Open Class Version)


Felines in Armenia and Armenian Culture


In the Name of the Lion




Major Armenian Settlements in Russian Empire


Introduction to Felinately

One frame version and two frame version


Fur Trade and its Effect on the Fate of the Wild Felines


Unusual Place Names. Uncommon Postmarks. Unordinary Articles.    United States Postmarks and Precancels with Animal Names


Lion is the First


Animalistic Art of Legendary American Cachet Artists