182288_1849302678184_4189466_n           In 2011, with an enormous help of the Executive Director of the American Topical Association Vera Felps, my dream project – the two volume illustrated catalog/handbook “Wild Cats in Art” was published by Minuteman Press of Toledo, Ohio. The graphic designer for the handbook is Amanda Morgenstern, a young American philatelist with a BA (Honors) in Graphic Design and an MA in Typographic Design from Cambridge School of Art in the UK. The handbook 161 received excellent reviews in  “Topical Times” and ‘Canadian Stamp News” magazines and it can be ordered from the website of the American Topical Association. Most recently the handbook was also issued in a digital format on a CD which also includes corrections, updates and additions to the original print version. The CD can be ordered from the American Topical Association as well. 

           In the past few years I wrote number of articles which were published mostly in the “Cat Mews” – an award winning Journal of the Cats on Stamps Study Unit of the American Topical Association. This wonderful publication is edited by a true feline philately enthusiast Marci Jarvis, who masterfully prepared my articles for publication, rearranging them and making necessary corrections and improvements. All these articles displayed in this part of the website.

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Wild Cats on United States Private Die Proprietary Stamps

Samson and the Lion 

Cat Stamp with a Personal Story

 The above article was originally published in the “Cat Mews”. This is the version translated to Armenian and published in 2011 issue 56 of the bilingual “Journal of the Armenian Philatelic Association” (Glendale, CA), and February 2011 issue of the “Armenian Philately” (Yerevan, Armenia).

Feline Composite Creatures

Lion Fountains in Italy and Spain

The First Cat Stamp Motif

The Queen’s Beasts

Netherlands Lion Labels for Belgian Internment Camps

Bavaria Lion Statue

Ethiopian Lion Monuments

Four Small Articles in Cats Mews

Five Small Articles in Cats Mews

Lion’s Head Door Knockers & Mail Slots 

Four Small Articles in Cats Mews

Three Small Articles in Cats Mews 

 St. Jerome and the Lion

Scythian Pectoral from Ukraine

   Felines on the Stamps of Mountainous Karabakh 

The Bayeux Tapestry

Francisco Eppens Helguera

 Armenia’s Winged Leopard

      Anton Van Wouw, South Africa  

         Armenia. Hovhannes Tumanyan. Nazar the Brave  

Andorran Lion Mural

Two Small Articles 

House of Chimeras in Kiev, Ukraine

Midvinterblot by Carl Larsson

India’s Lion Capitals

Cat’s Creek, New York

First Cat Stamps from Mount Athos (Greece)

Roelandt Savery

Julius Adam II and Arthur Heyer

France UNESCO Florida Panther

Behemoth in The Master and Margarita

Civil War Lion Patriotic Covers

More on Civil War Lions

Sunsho Hishida

Iraq’s Antiquities

Frida Kahlo

Van Cat by Mkrtich Chanchanyan

Leopard, Pennsylvania

Tigers in Asian Folklore

Chinese Porcelaine Lion

Russian Cartoons

Tombstone Lions of Szombathely, Hungary

Lions by Kano Eitoku

Chicago Art Institute Lions

German Confederation Lions

Lion of Salakta Mosaic, Tunisia

Update on the First Cat Stamps

Scientific Cat Toponyms 

Anderson-Neary, Jones & Company

Antoine-Louis Barye, France

First Cat Stamps on Covers

A Knight in Panther’s (Tiger’s) Skin, Georgia, Shota Rustaveli

Armenian City of Grigoriopol

Oman’s Caracal Mascot

Xiongan New Area Guardian Lion (Shishi)

Precancels with Feline Names

Monastery Cat

The Armenian Leopard

Feline Petroglyph in Peru

Heraldic Lion of Austrian Emperor Maximilian I

San Marino’s Lion Statuette

Urartian Sphinxes

Lions of Babylon

Armenian Postal History of Crimea

Felix Emile Taunay

Artsakh Jungle Cat

Ubeda Lion and Shiels Statue, Spain

Castullo Sphinx

Khnko Aper

Tiger on Civil War Patriotic Cover

The Armenian Connection of Lusignan Dynasty

Belgian Tombstone Lions

A New Lion head Mail Slot

Guardian Lions, South Korea

History of the City of Surb Khach

Roman Mosaics of Orpheus

Wild Cats on Stamps of Armenia and Artsakh

Schemerl Bridge Lions, Austria

The Yapahuwa Lion, Sri Lanka

David Klöcker Ehrenstahl

Urartian Sphinxes in Philately

Yongzheng Emperor, China

Two Small Articles

Armenian Year of the Tiger Stamp by Rem Saakyan

Armenia Egypt Joint Issue

Hovsep Karalian

Elisabeta Palace Sculptures

Lion Perfin

Places Named After Kars

Korean Brass Lion Handle

Leonessa, Italy

Illustrated Toponims

Manuls are Spotted in Armenia

Souren Serebrakian

Feline Manuscript Cancellations

Dieric Bouts, Belgium

Humorous Lion Cachets

Armenian Noble Dynasties in the Russian Empire – Part 1

Armenian Noble Dynasties in the Russian Empire – Part 2

U S Civil War Cover

Armenia Related US Precancels

Britannia & the Lion

Early Cat Stamps from Schleswig-Holstein